Dispensaries and Restaurants – Highlighting the Similarities

You are moving to Denver, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, etc. to join the Cannabis Industry? That is a question tens of thousands of people are being faced with on a monthly basis in the United States. It will not be long till we have college graduates taking a gamble and veering away from technology sales/development, finance, construction management, hospitality, etc. to join one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

In an article published by Business Insider, written by Melia Robinson on January 3rd, 2017, the Cannabis industry posted $6.7 billion in revenue in 2016, which was up 30% from the previous year. This growth is comparable to two other industries, cable television’s massive growth in the 1990s and the explosion of the broadband internet in the early 2000s.(Business Insider Article)

Growth, coupled with an opportunity for money to be made, comes with a large amount of responsibility and uncertainty. With so many people looking to join the industry, it is important to simplify the concept so others can digest the idea, and see similarities to other jobs.

In this post, Vangst’s Talent will explain how our recruiters have been able to recruit the best talent from inside and outside the industry to help organizations to achieve their vision. As an organization, we hold an attitude to simplify. What similarities does the Cannabis industry have with others, and how can we use that knowledge to have our candidates and clients become successful. Let’s focus on a high-level understanding of the Dispensary.

The dispensary is essential a restaurant/bar. Both businesses have a front of the house and a back of the house. Both businesses have a goal to deliver a product with a positive experience to encourage a reoccurring customer and grow market share.

Let’s start with the back of the house, and move towards the eventual sale. In a restaurant, you have those who manage inventory, prep-cooks, cooks and the chef who holds the vision on the final product. In the dispensary, you have those who manage cultivation and extraction. In the cultivation area, the flower is the main focus. Roles are – but not limited too – trimmers, grow techs, and masters growers. The extraction area is focused on the development of a product outside the actual flower, such as edibles. When comparing the two, restaurants and dispensaries, you see the similarities in how the back of the house develops a product for those in the front of the house to market, and eventually, sell to the customer. Those in the back of the house are not focused on customer experience, but rather equality of the product.

In a restaurant, the front of the house is filled with roles such as a hostess, waiter, bartender, sommelier, and manager. In a dispensary, those roles are synonymous with titles like budtender, manager and business development or sales. The budtender plays a role shared by that of a waiter and bartender, listening to a customer’s preferences, providing knowledge on a product, and ensuring the experience is positive to encourage a reoccurring visit. The overall reaching goal is almost exactly the same within the two industries, to provide an enjoyable experience for a customer to encourage another visit, while support the organizations brand in a positive way.

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